Friday, April 25, 2008

Midwest Cabernet, Chef's Alliance, April in Paris

It's a big food and wine weekend with some of the biggest events of the year. The Chef's Alliance dinner is sold out and folks are still looking for tickets. If you have tickets and can't attend, please post how to reach you. I'll connect you with some buyers.

Midwest Cabernet Experience
Friday, April 25
One of the best catalog tastings of the year, this one is all collector cabs and worth every penny! 75 Cabs all $30 retail and above (plus a spread from the Montage). Benefits Riley Heart Center at the Riley Hospital for Children. $75 in advance/$100 at the door. Collectors Club tix (cabs that retail for $100 or more) $125 in advance/$150 at the door. Get tickets at Kahn's or through Riley Hospital.

Chef's Alliance Dinner
Sunday, April 27
Hosted by Chef Ryan Nelson of The Oceanaire. As he's done for the past three years, Nelson brings together some of his top peers to cook an 8-course feast benefiting Riley Children's Hospital. Look for Chefs Nicole and Eli Anderson (H2O Sushi), Tony Hanslits (The Chef's Academy), Regina Mehallick (R Bistro), Greg Hardesty (Elements), Karl Benko (nee Peterson's), and James Beard nominee Dave Tallent (Restaurant Tallant) and Marc Urwand and Deidra Henry (Taste Cafe and Marketplace). $125 per ticket. Contact a participating chef or their restaurant for tickets. SOLD OUT

April in Paris
Sunday, April 27
This yearly benefit for Ivy Tech is a perfect showcase for culinary students and diners alike. Seven courses at The Fountains Banquet Center in Carmel. $125 per person. Information and tickets online.


Sambuca Fan said...

April in Paris - Good event, well-prepared food, but I'm quite sure EVERY course wasn't intended to be served chilled? Whilst the preparation of all was top notch, it took so long to get plates to the rear tables that the front of the room was finishing dessert just as the rear of the room was finishing the salad course!

Suggestion to I.T. in future years: 1) don't simply use a front to back serving sequence - bring it in from sub-zones that are assisgned to teams. 2) utilize the 20+ students and staff that spent their time standing by tables and waving that they needed plating, and instead send them off to grab a tray or 2!

This was a good production for a great cause, and made great strides in food quality over last year - so job well done! Next year step it up on the service and this will be humming on all cylinders!

Anonymous said...

I heard that Elements was sold today and the chef is no longer going to be involved. Any truth to this?