Thursday, April 24, 2008

Quick Newsy Bits -- Rathskellar and The Front Page

Rathskellar Bier Garten Opens: Whee! The Biergaten opens April 25 -- this Friday! With the Polka Boys! Of course, along with everything else happening this Friday, it's a tough decision.

Front Page Expands: Cory reports that everyone's favorite dive on Mass Ave (OK, *second* favorite dive), the Front Page, is adding another 2000 square feet and expanding out on the Delaware St. side. Yea! Lemondrops for everyone!

Arby's Buys Wendys: Kent-Taco, Pizza Bell, Taco Hut, whatever you call these fast food brand mashups get ready for what's likely to be one more: Arby's/Wendy's. Actually, not a bad combo. A beef and cheddar and baked potato. Or Classic single with those funny onion petal things. Arby's takes Wendy's in a stock-only deal.

Glass Chimney Deal Off? A reader reports that they stopped in to Glass Chimney last night and were told the sale is off. Anyone have any updates?


Anonymous said...
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braingirl said...

Buh-bye, spam.

Anonymous said...

I was at dinner at the Glass Chimney last night and our server informed us that the deal is off. The Glass Chimney will be closing forever as of Saturday, April 26th. Sniff sniff.

bhorg said...

The Front Page is great, but hardly a dive bar.

The food is above average, however the service can be pretty bad if you're not sitting at the bar. Anyway, I look forward to the expansion!

Anonymous said...

I also ate dinner at the Glass Chimney last night and was also informed that the deal is off and that their last day is tomorrow.

CorrND said...

Agreed bhorg, on all points. Thankfully the addition will force them to hire a waiter or two to handle tables instead of making the bartender also serve.