Friday, May 16, 2008

Q: Open Thread -- Food Costs

Reports are filtering through that April had highest rate of increase in food costs in years. Some restaurants are turning to cost management in the bar, but others will be forced to raise prices. Are consumers changing spending habits? Chefs, have you seen any impact, yet? Consumers, are you making changes and eating at home more often? And if so, what kinds of things are you doing to stretch your food dollar further? Most importantly, is this a temporary glitch or are fine dining restaurants in for serious changes? Have you seen or raised prices on menus yet?


Anonymous said...

Check back with this next year..speculation in the news says that gasoline could be hovering at $7 a gallon next year this time..I doubt most of us will even be able to order at McDonalds

Anonymous said...

It's getting even more expensive to eat at home. Grain costs and gas costs are driving up prices to raise cattle and chicken, and then even to ship food . . . there's more of a deterrent to raise restaurant prices than grocery prices during a recession. Restaurants will just start buying cheaper and cutting back portions.