Friday, June 27, 2008

Fresh Market Opens!

All I can say is "Thank God!" Popped in yesterday to just drink in the shiny counters and stocked rows of breads, produce, desserts, seafood, pre-prepared treats, salads, bulk items, and specialty goodies. Plus, the samples were fun! Came away only with cherries, bulk rice, cous cous, dried mango (my favorite), some good EVOO, balsalmic, and fancy French limonade. Just a fraction of what I hope to enjoy from this house of treats for many years to come. Remember, there's parking on the roof. Check out Middle West Meals for more details and some great pictures!


Kirsten said...

I still need to post some food item review/highlights, but the ginger-mango stilton that they have at the cheese counter is something very special!

Alicia said...

Fresh Market is everything I was hoping for and then some. The kid in me loves the candy bar, but ugh. Right in front of the checkouts? It makes shopping with my pre-schooler challenging.

Anonymous said...

What a dissapointment to real urban design. I guess this is the beat we can get in suburban hellhole Indianapolis.