Friday, June 27, 2008

Three Latest and Best

Green Card -- A Feast at Fogo de Chao: Holy Moly! I've discovered the secret at Fogo de Chao. Last time, I enjoyed too much of the fantastic salad bar and just couldn't enjoy the meat because I was so full. This time at a recent dinner for fine dining group Chaine des Rotisseurs, I only ate a few cold tidbits and sampled *all* the meats -- and loved them! My favorites this time? The lamb shank, the bacon wrapped filet, the sausage, and of course, the parm-crusted pork. Oh, all so good! (And don't forget the papaya creme with creme de cassis.) We drank a fantastic assortment of South American reds and whites. Incredible.

Bootleggers at Meridian: Wednesday found me too tired to cook, so I was happy to pop into Meridian to let Chef Dan Dunville cook for me. Jake, the bartender, happily honored my request for "um, something with lemonade, and maybe mint? Something summery? But not a mojito." I'm very specific when it comes to my vague ideas. He delivered perfectly with fresh squeezed lemon, muddled mint, and blueberry vodka over ice. Delish! (And, kids, Dan has Shiner Bock in the bottle!)

Pulled Pork Nachos at Creation Cafe: This bustling lunch spot on the middle floor at Bugg's Temple is just the spot for a downtown lunch meeting. Not only is the patio perfect for a mid-day break, but the serving staff is a who-who of recognized pros -- frilly aprons and all. Ready for some decadence, I ordered nachos with Brad Gates' terrific pulled pork. Mmm. I'm proud to say I ate the entire thing.


CorrND said...

I don't mind celebrating Shiner Bock as a kind of comfort food, but I can't get behind the notion that it belongs at a fine dining restaurant. Frankly, to put it in wine terms, it's the equivalent of looking at a wine list and seeing a bottle of wine with a Wine Spectator score of 75. Might you question the judgement of a sommelier that put that wine on their list?

Here's a list of some beers available at Meridian:

Bells Oberon (tap)
Bells Two Hearted Ale (bottle)
Brugge White, 50 Liter keg (tap)
Duvel (bottle)
Orval Trappist Ale (bottle)
Three Floyds Gumballhead (bottle)
Three Floyds Rabbid Rabbit Saison (bottle)
Shiner Bock (bottle)

One of these things is not like the other....

Donald said...


Not like the other indeed... I wouldn't make it past the Oberon in that list.

Donald said...


Do they actually smoke the pork for the nachos in a smoker? Or do they just roast it with some concoction of liquid smoke, etc.? If so, I might have to swing by and give the nachos a try.

circlecitysweets said...

They do smoke all of their meats in house. The pork is WONDERFUL. I had the pork quesadilla for lunch yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Shiner Bock is, no offense, *terrible*

Anonymous said...

oberon is WAY overrated. Its the new fratboy "beer connoisseur" beer of choice.

Tammy said...

What a coincidence! My husband and I have been drinking a similar drink at home all summer long! Instead, we muddle mint and sugar together (like a mojito) and fill the glass with lemonade, blueberry Stoli, and a splash of club soda. Very refreshing.

Mike said...

There's a fratboy beer connoisseur beer of choice? Did I miss that meeting? We might want to start covering that over at Hoosier Beer Geek.