Monday, June 16, 2008

Health Department Shut-Downs

In Chicago, city inspectors close Mirabel for 3 critical health code violations. What does it take for inspectors to close a restaurant in Indy? Apparently quite a bit more since Joe's Crab Shack garnered 52 violations, 11 of them critical in their last inspection and is still going strong. The restaurant was last inspected in February. Without a history of violations, one wonders what was going on, why it hasn't been reinspected, and what it takes to shut a restaurant down.

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Anonymous said...

If it's anything like any other part of Marion Co.'s Health Dept., Animal Control, MAC waste of time, etc.. They hire people for the lowest price possible and get unmotivated, ignorant, surly employees that couldn't care less. If someone gets seriously sick and the press gets involved then there might be some movement, other than that- it's government constipation. The best that can happen is consumers are pro-active and not patronize places that rack up such inordinate numbers of violations.