Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Blog Indiana Wednesday

Hey, kids, just a reminder about the Blog Indiana 2008 conference, August 16 and 17, on the IUPUI campus in Indianapolis. It's going to be an interesting two days as many of Indiana's top bloggers across a wide range of topics get together and share best practices on social networking. (And a shoutout to the folks who've stepped up as sponsors and conference organizers Shawn Plew and Noah Coffey. Compendium Blogware, IU School of Informatics and more.)

I know, because I've spoken to many of you, that you're trying to figure out how to implement blogs. Or juggle multiple blogs. Or come up with content. Or understand the relationship between content and traffic. (Hint: It's *all* about the content.) Registration, speakers lists, and session schedules are online. See you there.

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