Friday, August 08, 2008

Clean Out the Refrigerator Friday

You know that stuff in the back of fridge? It's still good. Make a casserole or something. Or soup. Yes...soup sounds good!

*The northside Adobo Grill is still open until late-August. Official last day is August 31. Downtown is still on track to open Sept 10.

*Starting Saturday, August 17, J. Gumbo's will feature a Crawfish Boil on Saturday nights from 8-10 p.m. $30 per person all you can eat. (Must. Not. Say it...)

*Broad Ripple wine shop Cork and Cracker is on track for opening a northside store at 109th and Michigan Rd August 15. Look for a grand opening celebration in September.


Anne said...

BG - It's "Cork" and Cracker... "Cock and Cracker" sounds interesting though :)

IndyIndie said...

I think that is suppose to be Cork and Cracker, right?

Anonymous said...

This isn't really meant for the comments, so no need to approve it, but I think you mean "Cork" and Cracker.

And seriously, you should add some sort of e-mail link for tips and such.

braingirl said...

Ooops -- Sorry Rob and Ashley! You probably didn't know you ran a *porn* wine shop!

(Email is in my bio if you click through to my profile. But most people know to get me at:

wilmeth.renee at

Gastroholic said...

Ahhh! Interracial porn, a lovely twenty dollar sonoma, and duck liver pate. Sounds like my kinda wine shop! No wonder business is booming!

Anonymous said...

hmmm, I wonder what was on Renee's mind when typing out this post :-)