Friday, August 15, 2008

Clean out the Refrigerator Friday

Lots of little bits and pieces this week that you might find of interest.

*Cracking the restaurant wine pricing code. Everything you wanted to know, and then some. [WSJ]

*Make-your-own-Margaritas? Bottle service hits upscale Mexican at the Time Warner Center's Stone Rose. $400 or less. Just becareful with that shaker, will ya'? [Food Writer's Diary]

*Worst Kept Secret in Town Department: L'ex signs for 111 S. Meridian. More next week. More on Zing and some Flattop Grill chain love for Glendale over at Cory's been kicking my ass this [Property Lines]


Anonymous said...

L'ex is moving downtown?

Who knew.

Phil Lavoie said...

It appears the "FlatTop Grill Coming Soon" signs have been removed from the Glendale shopping area.

Is this another victim in the slipping economy?

This makes me sad. I love their breakfast.