Monday, August 25, 2008

Intro Sommelier Exam Filled Up

Arthur Black reports the Introductory Sommelier exam in Indianapolis is fully booked. Monday, Sept 8, and Tuesday, Sept 9, 85 of us will attend the seminar and exam. Should be a who's who of local chefs, GMs, and restaurant wine gurus. Looking forward to seeing everyone. It should be a fun -- and hopefully not too grueling -- two days.


dhonig said...

Good luck.

Greg said...

Maybe afterward, everyone can go home and snap open a fresh new Brugge bottled beer. They hit stores this week.

braingirl said...

Huh. I was sure I'd seen the bottled Brugge in a few locations already. I know I've had some -- maybe Ted just brought it. Either way, good for them.

(Beer is included on the Somm exam as well as basics spirits and bartending knowledge.)

CorrND said...

Yeah, Brugge just showed up on shelves late last week. Renee, I think you probably had it in bottles at that Farm to Table dinner, though that was pre-official release.

All three styles are confirmed to be in stock at the Goose and Kahn's, though it's probably available at most high-end liquor stores now.