Friday, September 26, 2008

Clean Out the Refrigerator Friday

These are beyond leftovers, but I hate to just throw things away.

* Barcelonas Tapas celebrated one dubious year open last weekend. I've heard mixed reviews about their lunch buffet. I missed the tent in their parking lot with food and drink on the house, but hey, congratulations to any business that makes it for a year.

* I heard the Slow Food dinner two weeks ago at Apple Family Farms was a hit even with the dicey weather. (Advice to some of you: Next time, take your own wine.) More at Slow Food Indy.

*A few folks are asking me about Dan Noble, former chef at the Omni (as well as Something Different/Snax and Glass Chimney). Noble has landed at IUPUI's University Place Hotel heading up their food, beverage and on-site restaurants, Chancellor's and The Den.


Joanne said...

We have been to Barcelona several times over the last year and I always like it. They have a great beer special on Tuesdays ($2 drafts!), I think the service has improved, it's always pretty crowded, and I have many favorites on the menu. I have never been there for lunch, so I can't speak to that, but as far as dinner goes, we've been really happy the times that we've gone.

Greg said...

it's okay with one other person. it's great with groups of 6 and more.

Jo said...

My husband and I had a great time at the Farm to Table dinner at the Apples. We even played human sandbags for a bit as we held down the chef's tent. Regarding the wine- I think it would have seemed rude to BYOB to an event that had a bar selling wine (for fundraising even.) They did run out super-fast, we grabbed a bottle of white during the salad course so we could have some wine with the lamb, but we would have preferred the red. No place on any of the info/lit did we see where you could BYOB, and there was a great menu sent out with wine pairings listed. It sounded as if there would be plenty of variety and volume. The Wine Shop ran short, but it still was a very tasty time in a beautiful setting.