Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tavern on the Temple Closing Update

(I've updated and reposted this from yesterday so some of you will see it again and to avoid breaking links from other blogs.) Here's the update for today:

Chuck Mack and Amanda Cravens are out and the last night for the fine dining restaurant, Tavern on the Temple upstairs at Bugg's Temple will be tonight.

However, the space looks to have new life pretty quickly. Lynn Shepherd, one of the owners of the much-praised Creation Cafe, which occupies the middle floor of the Bugg's Temple building, says they're currently in negotiations to take over the upstairs space. (As you can imagine, they're in a mad rush to work out the business plan and ensure the numbers work.) Preliminary plans are to retool and re-open in the next few weeks with current chef Brad Gates.

Let's hope everything works out in the short term and Brad and his team can get back to work. I'm looking forward to finally getting Gates' terrific food with much improved front of house service, a good wine list, and competent staff.

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