Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pikk's Tavern Opens

With the Adobo move, opening two restaurants in a month is a tough task which is why DaVinci brought in the venerable Karl Benko to help get them stay on track. The team opened Pikk's Tavern, yesterday, with the help of chef Frank and Hans, the former bar manager of the late, lamented HotSchotz.

Tableside service is a signature for this restaurant group and the highlight? Shrimp cocktail -- by the shrimp -- then shaken in a really terrific housemade tartar sauce, a sweet Asian sauce or even a spicy cocktail sauce. Served tableside -- and probably one of the best things we tasted!
Pikk's jumps on the gastropub bandwagon with updated but still casual steakhouse classics in a lighter environment more suited for the casual family feel of the north side. We previewed the menu last week with old style oysters Rockefeller, Scotch eggs, blue-cheese stuffed mini-burgers, flatbread pizzas, and crusted steak.

The Indy location is the 2nd restaurant in a concept Da Vinci has had running in Valpairaso for some time. (Da Vinci also owns the Adobo Grill restaurants in Chicago and Indianapolis.)

Also, bonus, they pour the new Death's Door Gin, another artisan gin making an appearance at a few bars in town. They've changed the space adding dark wood and a few bookcases, but leaving lots of light and open seating. Booths will fill out the center of the main room. More pictures at Flickr.


CorrND said...

Can't wait to try Pikk's. I like the wall o' classic beer cans! I think I even see an old Genesee Beer can in there -- my hometown (Rochester, NY) macro swill that we drink around the campfire at family gatherings.

Also, word on the street is that Hot Shotz isn't dead, just relocated to the old Bennigan's on 96th St. Brew Bits did a fly by and noticed a Now Hiring sign.

braingirl said...

That's what I had heard as well.

monsoon said...

my wife and I really enjoyed our visit to the new Pikk's.

DMC said...

My wife and I ate there last night and had what might be the new best burger in Indianapolis. The Red Velvet Cake wasn't too shabby, either!

Will be returning soon for another burger. And I wonder if their steaks are as good...