Thursday, September 25, 2008

Three Latest and Best -- I'm (Almost) Baaack!

Hey, kids! It's that summer time of year! The weather is beautiful, the gardens are in full harvest, family is visiting, and I'm making jams, jellies, confits, and stock for the winter. I'm just checking in today but will be back next week with a full schedule of chefs, restaurants, openings, closings and more. I'll still be away for the weekend, but consider the next few posts just an amuse bouche. Or maybe a first course. In the meantime, here's my three latest and best!

RBistro: This Mass Ave standby remains the see-and-be-seen spot for savvy lunchers, especially in the arts. (Hi, Travis!) And even with the frequent menu changes, I can't resist the one constant, bacon panini with the sweet tomato chutney. Perfect with the accompanying tangy greens -- and sticky toffee pudding for dessert, natch.

RBistro Redux: Also last week, enjoyed a lovely dinner at RBistro with a friend who's departing for points west. Our big group shared the vast round table up front, and service was gracious with our varied vegetarians, non-drinkers, drinkers, and meat-eaters all. It was all good, but I fell in love with the andouille and caramelized onion pizza. (I almost called it "Campfire" since it reminded me of my favorite from Puccini's.)

Tacos at Adobo: Of all the ceviches (which I love), entrees (well-crafted), and treats (mmm, guacamole), my favorite item on the Adobo menu is still the tacos. My favorite al pastor -- pork slow roasted with mango and pineapple -- is the closest to upscale taqueria food one could hope for. (Still messy -- beware the orange splatter.)

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