Friday, October 10, 2008

Bugg's Update: Re-launch Approaching

Everyone's been asking for updates on Tavern on the Temple. It is reopening and here's what we know so far:

The Name: Euphoria.
The Chef: Brad Gates.
The Owners: Same as Creation Cafe
New Decor, new attitude
Soft launch starting October 21.


Greg said...

Did anyone else expect a really dirty restaurant when it's named 'buggs?'

braingirl said...

Most people here are familiar with the renovationed building called Bugg's Temple. Also, most respect the effort it takes to develop a fine dining restaurant. So. No.

zwilks said...

Brad Gates is the chef! The name is Euphoria! And the soft opening is the 21rst. Also the phone number has changed to 317-955-2389. Things are looking great so far and lots of awesomeness is in the works!

jackson said...

lets not forget that buggs temple (its old name) was named a top restaurant in the city by indy is MUCH improved, and the food will be exquisite!!