Saturday, October 11, 2008

Three Latest and Best

Had a good evening at the Diamond in the Rough Sale the other night and ran into quite a few of you I know. Only ordered three cases -- two of a rose prosecco that I suspect didn't last long and one of Villa Maria Sauv Blanc that's become a weeknight staple around my house. Consider it the beginning of "the season." On to three latest and best!

The Best Fish Tacos in Town? I may have to conduct a fish taco taste-off this winter, but the new front-runner is most definitely the fish tacos at Adobo Grill. Lightly breaded, tangy seasoning, and perfectly delicious. Also Scallop: My New Favorite Ceviche.

MacNiven's. Again: You know, this pub is nothing if not consistent. Popped in for a desperado dinner and beer on Friday night where the plain, Jane chicken sandwich hit the spot even though skipped the fat tire onion rings that I *love*. Even better -- met the owners while they were strategizing on new bar snacks. Word up: Deep Fried Sausage Nuggets.

Great Googely-Moogely, Neighbor: Wow, and wow again to a pal who delivered a bottle of premium Ron Zacapa Centenario 23 from Guatemala. It's the single malt of rum, and quite possibly, the best rum I've ever tasted. Thanks again!

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Kirsten said...

MacNiven's - I love that place, if only because of the donut onion rings. Have you had them with the Steak and Chop sauce? Heavens, they're good that way. Steak and Chop was my childhood steak sauce, so I may be a bit biased. Never mind the joys of their bar lists!

(thank goodness I don't eat sausage, because I'd be all over those nuggets.)