Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Q: Name Gran's Pie

So, I'm a little in love with HBO series True Blood from Six Feet Under's Alan Ball and based on Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse vampire mysteries. It's a perfect blend of bodice ripping, murder mystery, and campy Southern Spanish-moss-dripping cemetaries -- not to mention vampires! Silly, funny, and fun.

Most of you who watch should have caught this week's episode by now, and I only have one question: What kind of pie was Gran's pie? It wasn't pecan -- the insides were creamy and it was a cream-pie crust. Was it a sugar-cream pie with pecans on top? Was it maybe a chocolate or cafe-au-lait flavored cream? It didn't appear to have anything in it like bananas -- and while I'm hoping it wasn't made just for Hollywood and Anna Paquin's diet, I'd like to think that Gran had pretty good taste in pie.

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1 comment:

Big Ed said...

yeah I saw that too. I thought it was just stage dressing till she put it in her mouth. maybe it was just pudding with nuts in a pie shell.
I am loving the show too. did anyone read the books?