Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Reader Question: Fresh Basil?

Basil leaves (Ocimum basilicum).Image via Wikipedia A reader asks:

Do you know where I could buy fresh basil in bulk? I am making a large qty of pesto and have used everything from my summer garden already. Thought you might know.....I have already tried Trader Joes, Fresh Market, Kroger, Marsh, Costco.....it's very expensive and I would have to spend alot to get what I need....not really sure why it's so expensive in the store. My $3 plant grew like a weed this summer!
Well, it's out of season, but you knew that. I recommended she try Ron Harris at Locally Grown Gardens. Saraga will also have it. Anyone else have any sources for our pesto-making pal?

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THoltz said...

if Ron doesn't have it, I'd recommend the Winter Farmers Mkt at 24th and Central. I believe that there is at least one vendor that listed herbs as one of their main products.


John said...

You might try emailing Chris at Goose the Market. You'd pay a middle-man fee but I bet he could track some down.

But other than that, I think Saraga is your only bet (and it's usually fresh-ish...ha!)

braingirl said...

Our reader reports both Chris and Ron helped her out.

Other readers emailed me directly and recommended contacting Balanced Harvest and checking at the winter market on Saturday.

Erin said...

FYI Brugge upstairs debuted last night...see their myspace for confirmation