Monday, November 17, 2008

J. Gumbo's Beer Liquidation

Hoosier Beer Geek reports J. Gumbo's (nee Buffalo Wild Wings, nee BadaBoomz) owner Mike DeWeese is liquidating his beer cellar. From HBG:

I'm liquidating my beer cellar. Attached is the list, all prices are negotiable. Forward it on to your websites and let's help me share the love.

Mike DeWeese
J. Gumbo's
Full list and contact info for Mike at Hoosier Beer Geek. And no, I don't have any additional information about what this means for Mike and J. Gumbo's. Update: Hoosier Beer Geek clarifies that this is from Mike's personal cellar.


CorrND said...

The servers/bartenders were hinting last week that J. Gumbo's may close at the end of the year when the lease for that space is up. That's unconfirmed and we've heard similar things before and it's never come to pass, but this liquidation sale (along with the sorry state of the economy) indicates that it may be serious this time.

Pat said...

Let's not read too much into this liquidation. I believe these beers are from Mike's personal stash and would never be served at JG's (except maybe at special events). Most of these are unique/rare brews and if you are smart, you'd try a few. They also make great gifts.
If JGumbo's is in trouble, I doubt it has anything to do with sale.

Jennifer said...

In case there was any doubt ... I've heard that J. Gumbo's will close before the month is over. In the meantime, there are $5 bowls and $2.50 you call it pints. Not bad.