Friday, November 07, 2008

Three Latest and Best

Lunch at RBistro: Popped in to RBistro for lunch a week or two ago and was warmed from the inside out by a rich vegetable curry with rice. And I learned somthing: The sticky toffee pudding makes me smile. Seriously, try taking a bite of this signature dessert and see if you can't stop a huge grin from spreading across your face when you taste how decadently delicious it is.

Supporting My Habit: I admit it. I have a pizza problem. I try to limit my addiction to once a week. But my latest favorite, Bazbeaux's Basilica (pesto, feta, sun-dried tomato and black olive) is not helping. Oh, damn you Bazbeaux for supporting my habit so well.

Wild Boar Bolognese at Meridian: On Tuesday, I'd just ordered my usual supper when I caught my first glimpse of it. An enormous bowl of parpadelle noodles with a huge topping of meat sauce, the kind that you can tell is going to be rich and spicy and a little bit sweet just from the smell. Yes, my friend and I mooched a taste (hey, the nice people offered!) and I fell a little bit in love. At least, enough in love to come back the next night for a bowl of my own. (Which also gave me enough for breakfast the next morning!) Oh, wild boar, I look forward to a long, happy winter with you.

Bonus Lunch at City Cafe: This tiny downtown standby is still as good as ever. While its known for soups, salads, and basics, ignore the specials at your peril. Yesterday? Rich braised pork loaded on a plate with fresh mango salsa, avocado and corn tortillas. (The watermelon raspberry lemonade was a little strange, but still, um, refreshing.) Tacos for everyone!


Kirsten said...

The Basilica is my favorite, too! In fact, it's what Ben and I had on our first date and - with the exception of out-of-town trips - every June 27th since. We add the spinach salad (minus bacon for me and ideally with the creamy basil dressing on the side - the better to dip one's crusts with!).

I just wish that the Broad Ripple Bazbeaux's weren't too scared to deliver to my neighborhood. West of College? But of course! East of College? They will not deliver.

Also, regarding City Cafe: their eggs Benedict (sub tomato for my hammy) may be the best breakfast in town.

braingirl said...

A little birdy (who's very in-the-know re: Basilica) says try it adding red sauce, too.