Monday, December 01, 2008

Upcoming: Alice Waters at the IMA

The wonderful chef, restaurateur, and leader o...Image via Wikipedia Did you get your tickets to see Alice Waters at the IMA tomorrow, Tuesday, Dec. 2? For many, she's the high-priestess of slow food and local ingredients. For others, she's a star in the restaurant world with her legendary Berkeley eatery Chez Panisse. Even better, she's led an amazing pesonal life mentoring (and more) some of the country's leading chefs and food producers. (For more, read David Kamp's The United States of Arugula: The Sun Dried, Cold Pressed, Dark Roasted, Extra Virgin Story of the American Food Revolution to understand the impact she's had in the world of fine food.)

A few weeks ago, I had a chance to interview her for Indianapolis Monthly's December What I Know section. (The article isn't online so buy it or read it at the checkout or whatever.) There's more Q&A with her at the IMA blog. And she'll be sticking around after her presentation to sign books on Tuesday. See you then!

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