Monday, November 24, 2008

Where to Eat Out for Thankgiving

Traditional Thanksgiving meal in New EnglandImage via Wikipedia Maybe it's the economy, maybe family stars have aligned, or maybe it's just a year for eating in. Either way, I've had many fewer requests -- and notifications -- about restaurants serving Thanksgiving meals this year. (It could be merely that fewer are paying for the PR exposure.)

Either way, I've done some sleuthing with Opentable. And thanks, too, to IDI who compiled a list of what downtown restaurants are open on Thanksgiving with phone numbers. It's largely the same as last year's list, so if one of your favorites isn't on the list, give them a call.

Don't forget to call to find out hours open and special meals. Most do a buffet or set menu, prix fixe meal. Reservations are nearly always required.

Looking for the best bets for Thanksgiving out? (based on Opentable and IDI's list?)

*McCormick and Schmick's
*The Capital Grille (Last year, they did a beautiful job.)
*Kinkaid's in Carmel
*Maggiano's (They had a great menu last year!)

If you like wacky (but not for me)
*White Castle
*Weber Grill
*Tata Cuban Cafe
*Claddagh or O'Reilly's Irish Pubs

The hotel restaurants are still wide open, and there are still a few choice reservation times open for some of the popular choices.


bhorg said...

O'Reilly? The auto parts store?

braingirl said...

That could be interesting, but Andrus O'Reilly's Irish Pub on Penn.

Greg said...

What's the word on Tata? Is is any good?

braingirl said...

It's a casual sandwich shop. My meals there weren't good.

bhorg said...

I think the sandwiches are pretty decent at TaTa, however the rice I had was inedible.

I had no idea there was place called O'Reily's on Penn until I was walking my dog last night.. I laughed about making my above comment.