Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Alice Waters Tix Available

Reader Tim H. tells me he has a few extra tickets to Alice Waters tonight. He's willing to sell them for the cover price. He writes:

"I actually have a few extra tickets that some of my friends purchased and are now unable to attend. If you know of anyone who needs a couple of tickets, let me know, as I bought them from my friends for a favor for them and am trying to get rid of them/sell here in town. i think they were $20 each after some sort of fees. I'm picking them up tomorrow before the lecture, so I'd be happy to meet you or anyone there. Let me know. No worries if not, but figured I'd let you know."

Anyone want to connect with Tim, contact him at tmholtz at gmail dot com. He'll coordinate the handoff with you direcctly. (Updated -- how about a correct email address for Tim? Done!)

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Country Mouse City Mouse Indy said...

We have one extra too :( Momma J cannot make it.