Friday, December 12, 2008

J.Gumbo's Closing; Pairings Opening

J.Gumbo's calls it quits: Mike DeWeese is going out with a bang, or rather, a blow-out on Dec 27, before closing for good on Dec 28. Until then, look for $2.50 pints until the bitter end.

Two Wine Vans: Philip VanDeusen's long awaited wine store, Pairings, is finally open (with partner Eric VanHook) at 82nd and Dean. You'll find wine, beer, and cheese at their with a reception tomorrow from 1-8 p.m. Signed, VanBraingirl.

All that was missing was the lampshade: Yes, it was a food writer's who-who at the Indianapolis Monthly holiday party. Dark and Stormies all around -- with an assist from David, Nicky Blaine's bartender extraordinaire. Pics at Flickr.


bhorg said...

No surprise with J.Gumbo. The food was pretty pathetic, especially compared to Yats. I thought it was a terrible idea to begin with and predicted it's demise within 6 months.. I don't think I was too far off.

Oh yeah, the beer. The owner should consider opening a BAR in a smaller space and maybe focus more on the beer and less on the food. The beer selection is great, I guarantee he can make it work elsewhere... I know I could

Neal Taflinger said...

The space J.Gumbo inhabits just might be cursed.

I was at Zivan's party as well. I would have introduced myself had I known what you look like.

Anonymous said...

Shame to see it. Just how you could do so well as a chain (BW3) change one thing (The name) and then fail so miserably? Boo, Indianapolis.

I'll miss Badaboomz, never did try J.Gumbo.

And what the hell kind of name was "Badaboomz" anyway? Makes me think of some kitschy italian place like Buca or something. And why the "z" on the end? Epic Branding Fail.

bhorg said...

Indianapolis not at fault. It was a poor business choice.. and yeah, the name. Worst Idea Ever.

CorrND said...

I think the space J. Gumbo's was in was a tough sell. As an independent and then a relatively new/unknown chain restaurant, they were asking people to take a chance. What the space looks like matters, and what do people see of J. Gumbo's if they're out on the street? A dining room area that's completely or nearly empty 90% of the time. Who's going to take a chance on a restaurant they don't know that appears to be completely empty?

The bar area was often more full, particularly on the weekends. If the bar and dining room spaces were flipped, instead presenting the lively bar atmosphere (and the 40 taps) to the street front, I think that would have made a world of difference. It wouldn't have made the food any better, but it definitely could have helped the presentation.

For good beer fans, we can be thankful that Scotty's is opening shortly on Jan 5th. We won't be without a downtown beer bar for long.

Anonymous said...

Chris, your observations are dead on in my book.