Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Suddenly Shuttered -- Pikk's Tavern

Some will notice the recently opened Pikk's Tavern in the former Adobo Grill space is already shuttered for good. Folks from the DaVinci Restaurant Group who also own the Adobo Grills here and in Chicago as well as the Pikk's in Valpo, say it was a combination of economy and location. (Mabye Steve Oakley put a curse on that space when he left Something Different/Snax all those years ago.) No word on where the Frank (the chef) and Hans (the bar manager) will end up. Business appears to be picking up at Adobo Grill downtown -- and based on the number of familes with kids there last time I was in, sounds like going "non-smoking" was a good idea.

Update: Javier says: Gift Cards from Pikk's bought through Pikk's will be honored at any DaVinci restaurant. (Adobo Grill or Pikk's in Valparaiso.) Gift Cards bought through for Pikk's will only be good at the Adobo Grill in downtown Indy.

And speaking of shuttered...Looks like the Starbuck's closure's are finally happening. Saw boards over the windows at the Fall Creek and College location.


Donald said...

Wow... that was quick. Never even made it up there to try it out.

Neal Taflinger said...

Too bad but it has to be REALLY important for me to get anywhere near 82nd & Allisonville.

Erin Day said...

we just tried to go there last night! Were wondering what was up.

CorrND said...

Tough timing for them. I went once and thought it was pretty good. But as others have said, it was just too far from me to make it a regular stop.

I just bought a gift certificate to there from yesterday. Oh well.

Phil Lavoie said...

That's too bad. I hadn't made it either.

I also noticed the Starbuck's last night. I think it will be a while before something else goes in that location.

Anonymous said...

I just bought by brother a gift certificate for there as well - and gave it to him today.

I assume that could be used at adobo grill as well?

I know it is unrealistic, but why sell me a gift card less than 2 days before you close down for good? So frustrating.

CorrND said...

Michael -- if you bought your gift certificate through you can get a refund of the purchase price for other gift certificates (i.e. you can reapply the money but not get the money back). I believe you have a time limit for that -- 30 or 90 days or something like that -- so don't delay!

If you bought it directly, hopefully they'll do something for you.