Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bits and Pieces -- Freezing Wednesday

Just a few interesting items to keep an eye on:

** Carmel's Vine and Table starts a four class-series of classes on wine basics and food pairings this Thursday. She also reviews classes at Kiss Z Cook (with a compare/contrast to Frasier's). [That'll Teach Me]

** A new Indiana winery is open in the Lafayette area, Wildcat Creek. With easy-to-get juice, sounds like several more in the state are slated to open in 2009. No word on which ones, if any, will actually grow their own. [Indiana Wine Blog]

** Don't forget Slow Food Indy's annual meeting on Jan. 25. [Slow Food Indy]

** Slow-cooked ribs and marrow. I want this. [Wine Canine]


Ash said...

Pretty soon Cory and I are going to tie for guest blogger status. Thanks again for the link!

Charles said...

Thanks for the link. Long-time fan here. Us Hoosier bloggers need to stick together!