Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Guest Blogger: Cory Schouten

Some days, it feels that way! Cory's got good stuff today.

The Music Mill will call it quits in March when their lease is up. [Property Lines.]

A press event I didn't get invited to! (Sometimes, it's a relief.) Taste of Tango is set to open some time. Maybe next week. [Property Lines]


I'm Cas. said...

I was on the phone with Music Mill yesterday, ready to put down the deposit for my wedding reception. I'm really glad I held off and decided to drop off a check with the paperwork--do you know what's going to happen to all the people who had events booked?

Max Cohan said...

Taste of Tango is now open! I went on Thurs (1/8) with a few friends as they opened their doors for the first time. The food was every bit as good as I hopped. The empanadas were all delicious as was the proveleta (grilled cheese with herbs). The gnocchi were exceptional, the meat and especially the chorizo were of outstanding flavor and quality. The sweetbreads were also grilled properly (crunchy on the outside, a little soft on the inside) and scrumptious. The Spinach pasta was al dente and flavorful as well. The crepe deserts were delicious. The staff was prompt and informed (especially for a 1st night barely-soft-open).

The decor was simple and calm. It's not too large but good use of color extends the feel of the space. Both the art and draperies fit the feel. The staff wears themed uniforms that added a bit of charm. Clearly a lot of effort was spent in trying to make the place feel comfortable and look 'right'.

It's not to say that it is idilic and perfect... There were a couple of items that while not bad, didn't meet our high expectations The ice cream dish didn't fit well in the serving 'goblet' and was difficult to eat, not to mention made from fairly basic ice cream, off the shelf cookies and flavorless fruit salad. The seafood (paella-like) dish wasn't appreciated by all as it lacked a bit of 'punch' and flavor (and was mildly overcooked).

All in all, an exceptionally solid and smooth running opening. The food you'd expect to be good was exceptional! I would strongly recommend them and I'm sure we'll see even more great things in the future.

NOTE: I don't have any association with the restaurant other than being Argentine myself and thus being VERY excited to have my native cuisine show up at home.