Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Open Thread: Your Top 5 Meals of 2008

I'm terrible at year end round ups but saw Lou Harry had a good "year in food" roundup in last week's IBJ (although I'm lame and didn't get the link before the new paper came out and now can't point you to it.) It made me think about my top 5 meals of last year -- meals that were truly memorable or outstanding for one reason or another. So, here's my question to you, dear readers. What were your top 5 meals last year? (If you share yours, I'll share mine!)


Mike said...

Not much stands out apart from the 1st Annual Craft Beer and Fine Food Symposium at L'Explorateur. Perhaps I should spend as much time seeking out good food as I do good beer, but I suspect that that would totally bankrupt me. For now, my beer problem will have to be enough.

Bonus Information: The 2nd Annual Food and Craft Beer Symposium is now in the planning stages. Stay tuned.

Big Ed said...

the slow food dinner at Apple Family Farm in the barn with the storm raging.

Erin Day said...

Assuming you want this from this city, here are 2!

skate with asparagus and miso at L'ex

soft shell crab entree at R Bistro this summer

Liz said...

Rabbit at Tallent and Halibut at Finch's, both in Bloomington, and the potluck I threw for my 25th birthday. My friends know how to cook and everything was imbued with love!