Sunday, February 22, 2009

Indy Star in 30 Seconds or Less

From today's Indy Star:

* A good concierge may be relied on for many things, but don't look to them for good Italian restaurant recommendations. (Someone tell the Conrad that Iaria's is not good Italian.)

* A nice shout out to If you don't already use this valuable resource, make sure you add it to your list. It's a little old school, but the go-to place to check locations, updates, and comments on all of Indy's ethnic restaurants. (Love how the Star doesn't actually let you click through from the article to the site. Kinda boneheaded.)


bhorg said...

Iaria's has a unique atmosphere and great homestyle italian food.. and it's better than that drivel over at Buca chain joint. Everyone I've ever recommended Iaria's has to has thanked me ten times over.

Not saying it's the best Italian in the city, but it's not to avoid.

braingirl said...

Say what you will about Buca, I don't love it either, but I've never had horrible, overcooked pasta there -- or pre-cooked sauces or dishes. The few meals I've had at Iaria's (or Amici's for that matter) -- not good.

Anonymous said...

Amici's should only hope to be as good as Iaria's. We just ate at Iaria's again Thursday night and had another terrific meal. They're consistently good, in my opinion, and the family atmosphere (and the wine deals Thursday nights) will keep me going back.

They're not Mama Carolla's, but they don't try to be.

Erin said...

Wow, first time I've seen sensible and accurate comments on Amici's.