Sunday, February 22, 2009

Three Latest and Best

We all look for balance, right? Work versus eating versus blogging versus staying fit versus the energy to do it all. Hey, I'll admit, lately, those of you who aren't regular readers have taken a look at my posts and said "What a cranky bitch!" And hey, you'd be fair to say so. ('Cause I kind of am in the winter.) But last week, I had a chance to run into quite a few of you, and it's energizing! Here's a big shout out to the folks The Urbanophile and I ran into on Friday night at R Bistro! Thanks for the mad props. Also, thanks to all of you who rolled out for Pecha Kucha Indy Friday night. I *promise* next time I'll present something on food.

White Cheddar and Apple Bread Pudding at RBistro: The waiter came over and asked how we liked the dessert we'd decided to split. My friend paused with a spoonful of Regina's rich savoury/sweet cheese and apple bread pudding on the way to his mouth. "I'm beginning to regret my decision," he said. "That is, I'm beginning to regret that I didn't order my own."

Guac at Adobo: Someone recently complained to me that Adobo only serves their margaritas straight up in a martini glass. My answer: Have you tried asking them to serve them on the rocks? That's what I do and it works every time! (They don't have a blender behind the bar to make the crushed ice nightmares -- which is as it should be.) Guac and fish tacos were a perfect weeknight stop for a girls discussion group. Looking for a deal? Check their long list of drink and food specials -- I'm all about the $1 pastor and fish tacos, 4-6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 1/2 price margs on Thursday.

Lunch at Elements: OK, I *swear* I'm ordering something different next week. I can't blather on to you again about the skirt steak sliders. I can, however, say the tomato soup was perfect -- and as always the pork belly croque madame with the perfectly fried egg on top made me envious of my neighbors' plates.

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