Monday, February 09, 2009

Monday Morning Duke's Mixture: Alinea, CSA's, and Whole Foods

Ah, the sun! This little break in the weather has been just enough to get me going again. First good run of the spring yesterday and I thought I was going to die! Too much duck confit! And with Valentine's Day right around the corner! While I scare up some posts to feed the masses, here are a few Monday morning tidbits to hold you over:

** Blogger Carol Blymire is still working her way through the Alinea cookbook with Alinea at Home. It's a fascinating read (Cranberry -- Frozen and Chewy) even if you're not following along on page 43.

** Going Green Mama has a list of all the CSAs in the central Indiana area. Some are hit or miss but unfortunately, she took her reviews down. CSAs are a good way to get started with local, fresh vegetables if you're not growing your own.

**The Whole Foods/Wild Oats merger is still in dispute -- and the FTC has asked for another 30 days to help spur "settlement" talks says Natural-Specialty Foods Memo.

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