Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Three Latest and Best

While I've not been in the mood to eat, it seems like nearly all I've done lately! That first run of the spring was *brutal.* So, while I figure out how I'm going to go fit in a bathing suit this summer, here are my three latest and best.

The Elements of Lunch: If you haven't popped in, you should try Friday lunch at Elements. While it's become a near-weekly ritual for a few of us, there always seems to be something new to try. My current fave? The steak sliders with blue cheese brimming with melty steak-juice on an excellent French bread bun.

Simple, Comfort Food: Bar. Meridian. Cesar Salad. Bowl of Smoked Corn Soup. That is all.

Meatloaf at Creation Cafe: While I still find some dishes (and often the service) hit or miss at this popular downtown eatery, I can't fault them for the pulled pork nachos. Or, for the recent meatloaf special. The crust was the best part - just as it should be.

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