Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentines' Day Plans

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Sounds like quite a few fine dining options are filling up quick for Valentines' Day. In a classic "you snooze, you lose" holiday scenario, your options are limiting quickly if you want to eat at the high end. A quick check on Opentable shows *no* availability for any of the 45 Indianapolis-area restaurants on Valentine's day -- with the exception of the fine, winter retreat Bella Vita New Castle. Some options you might not have considered?

* Roller Derby. Who doesn't like a night off with Bud Light and a soggy slice compliments of the Naptown Roller Girls.

* Fogo de Chou. Make your carnivore's dreams come true with this orgy of meat. Don't forget the papaya cream at the end.

* A home cooked meal. Guys, even if it's a grilled cheese sandwich for two (maybe with a little bacon, truffle oil, and Italian prosciutto), never underestimate the effect of just making the effort. Throw in a bottle of fine champagne and you're in business.

If you're still sold on reservations for supper, check out the new, revitalized Indianapolis Monthly Dish newsletter. This week's tasty edition has a roundup of local fine-dining faves and their options for the V-Day. (And bonus, it's National Condom Week. Be careful out there!)

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collegefoodie8706 said...

While I realize that New Castle is not exactly a dining (or Valentine's Day) destination, Bella Vita has done wonders for the food scene there, and should not be discounted. BV has done an excellent job of showing New Castle area diners that there are quality options beyond the chain restaurant, and in a dining market monopolized by Applebee's, McDonald's, and Pizza Hut, I think that is a pretty big deal. And so do a lot of New Castle residents, apparently, because at last count BV had reservations for more than 300 people for Saturday night.