Monday, February 16, 2009

Three Latest and Best

Lunch at Elements: Again: So, I'm a little in love with the skirt steak sliders -- like marriage material love. Friday, enjoyed my favorite dish while inhaling the tortilla soup. Bonus? The earliest, most delicate spring peas. Owner Dennis Dunn has some interesting plans for the spring involving some visiting James Beard chefs.

A Little Yat's Love: After the sold out roller derby bout on Saturday night, we hit Yat's right at closing time. The smokey red beans and rice, the chili cheese etoufee and spicy maque choux was as perfect as finding Joe himself behind the counter. Thanks for staying open a few minutes later just for us!

More from The Goose: Chef Christopher Eley had smoked ham hocks in stock the other day -- I picked up one and wish I had a dozen more in my freezer. Threw it in with split peas, carrots, pearl onions, and a few fingerlings. Possibly the best split pea soup I've *ever* made. Fantastic, Chris!


Donald said...

Is anyone with me on calling for an end to restaurants calling any small sandwich that's not a burger a "slider"?

Anonymous said...

Spring peas?