Friday, March 06, 2009

Everything is Better with Bacon: The Goose

"Porky goodness" can't begin to describe how exited I was to see Chef Chris Eley's Indiana Bacon of the Month club. (It's a sad commentary on what gets me excited these days, but there you go.) Take eating locally to a whole new level as Eley at Goose, The Market hand cures fabulous heritage pork bellies for your bacon eating pleasure (and a little lamb and beef thrown in). I mean, seriously, this line-up is *unreal*! Sign up by the 15th of any month to get a pound of bacon plus a whole lotta goodies including a bacon t-shirt, recipes, and info on the pig and its breed.

April 2009: Rum and Cherry Wood Smoked Bacon (Duroc)
May 2009: Hickory Smoked Lamb Bacon (Suffolk)
June 2009 Bourbon Smoked Paprika Bacon (Berkshire)
August 2009: "Wild" Boar Bacon (Duroc)
September 2009: Chinese Five Spice Bacon (Tamworth)
October 2009: Vanilla Sorghum and Cider Bacon (Large Black)
November 2009: Double Smoked Hickory Bacon (Red Waddle)
December 2009: Maple and Crushed Chili Bacon (Duroc)
January 2010: Brendle Honey and Clove Cured Bacon (Berkshire)
February 2010: Soy Cured Beef Bacon (American Kobe)
March 2010: Coriander and Shagbark Hickory Smoked Bacon (Ossabaw)

Eley's done his homework and notes which pigs are listed on the Amerian Livestock Breeds Conservancy as well as the Slow Food USA Ark of Taste. A portion of the porceeds will go to Heifer International to buy you a partnership in an animal for hunger relief. (Pigs! Sustainable agriculture!)

4 consecutive months shipped to your door: $129 (plus tax)
4 consecutive months picked up in store: $69

If you're going to sign up, get in line behind me!


Erin Day said...

bacon lovers must check this out:

A perfect use for all that bacon!

zwilks said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm!!!!! Bacon, the gateway meat!

Anonymous said...

You know I signed up!
Bacon is Vegetarian Kryptonite.