Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Say Good-Bye, Wolgang. "Good-bye, Wolfgang"

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And finally, the end to the worst kept "news" in Indy's food world. Last fall, the emails started coming as IMA decided not to renew the Puck's Catering contract. Next, they heard formal presentations from several companies (including a few local faves) interested in taking over the restaurant and catering at the IMA. At that time, they chose Sodexo for the primary operation and retained Kahn's as a second option for catering. At least one other well-known local caterer presented, but for those of you wondering how the IMA could choose a national, corporate food company over a local shop? Think of what's involved -- sourcing product for enormous events, some with hundreds of attendees and little notice. Running -- cost effectively -- everything from sandwiches to canapes day in and day out -- at an efficient price? Someone's got to be able to control food costs using national benchmarks to ensure you're making a profit in what can be a low-margin business. Someone's got to deal with staffing, prep, and hiring in a high volume and low cost business. Think of it another way, Sodexo runs food for St. Vincent Hospital. Not so many formal events, but lots of people to feed 24/7. Formal announcements were made yesterday -- Sodexo in. Puck's out.

No word yet on what they'll do with the former Puck's restaurant space although reports are the company will develop a concept and menu for a new restaurant in the next few months. Not sure if that's for the museum cafe or another fine dining enterprise. They're looking for an executive chef.
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