Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Bleg of the Day: A Wedding Caterer?

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Here's a request for help from reader Erin. Any ideas for her?
I am getting married in October and looking for a great caterer. For us, it is all about the food and music! Our group is mostly non-meat eaters and tons of foodies. Do you or your readers have any suggestions? We don't want a sit-down dinner, so we are open to non-traditional caterers also. Any ideas?

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jdb said...

My fiancee and I are going with Yats to cater our reception in June. They have vegetarian options, they are cheap, and as is pretty well known in Indy - Yats is delicious.

arwen said...

Now you're speaking my language! There are a ton of great caterers in Indy, and the best thing to know is that you should always be 100% honest about how much money you want to spend. It is so much easier to say "We want to spend X-dollars to feed X-people." and let the caterer work their magic in your budget, than to be vague and get frustrated while they try and guess the right combination of food/finances.

Kahns is awesome, as is Hoaglin. Thomas is great too. Maggianos is superb if you're looking for great Italian. There's a great little-known up in Westfield called Kelties that does a great job, albeit a little less frills. OH! And Stone Creek/Boulder Creek is awesome too!

AND MOST IMPORTANT -- DON'T FORGET TO ASK YOUR FAVORITE RESTAURANT! Nothing makes it personal like sharing your every day favs with your best family & friends.

Anne said...

If you ever go to the winter farmer's market, the guy that sells the Tamales and his wife (who used to work at Trader's point) just began a catering business -

I LOVE their food and am trying t get my brother to talk to them about his wedding this fall.

When I got married, I used Thomas and they were great to work with.

I've also had Zest cater some smaller events and they have done a nice job.

IndyIndie said...

My suggestion for catering is Micha Frank. He is a sous chef at R Bistro and he recently started a catering business with a partner. His food style aligns pretty much with R Bistro, which sounds like it would fit your crowd about right. Unfortunately I am not sure what the price points are. If you are interested I would try contacting him through R Bistro.

Anonymous said...

Kahn's/Mirage did a totally vegan wedding reception for some friends of mine awhile back. They took the challenge and ran with it, and did so sucessfully and with enthusiasm. Even the wedding cake was vegan. Highly recommended.

Tammy said...

If I were doing my wedding over again, I would have Taste Cafe & Marketplace or Zest! Exciting Food Creations (both near Broad Ripple) cater. Both have great food and lots of veg. options.

Kirsten said...

jbd: We had Yats at our rehearsal dinner, and it was awesome!

For Erin: I would recommend Matt Mills, especially if you'll have a bunch of vegetarians. We've been to several weddings that he catered and they've all be yummy. A favorite Mills-made item is the roasted garlic not-butter that was on the table at our vegan friends wedding.

Cristina said...

If you are looking for a unique and amazing caterer in central IN look no further than Lali Hess and The Juniper Spoon She is amazing to work with, has very creative and often ethnic menus and uses fresh local produce and organic when possible. Her vegetarian options are actually better than her other meat filled options. She has flexible pricing and is not a chain, a restaurant, or an enormous company caterer. She also has ties to Blooming Branch Green Events which is Indiana's only green event planner.So you could not only have an amazing catered event, but it could also be green and sustainable too!

loretta said...

you absolutely cannot go wrong with Matt Mills: