Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Updates and Some Link Love

Spent the early part of the week in a rainy Boston and am heading to points Texas and Oklahoma next week for work and a wedding. Posting may be a bit sparse, but you people will all be out in your gardens, right? Here are just a few tidbits you might find interesting as we cruise in the long holiday weekend. (Long for me, anyway. Viva la day off!)

* Local Food Podcasts: Too Many Cooks may be gone, but Chef Daniel Orr has teamed with WFIU public radio for a new podcast, Earth Eats. Each week, Chef Orr talks about seasonal recipes, local producers, and the bounties of Indiana.

*A Seder's Delight: Local blog Wolfsong Enterprises has changed its name to Wolfsong Diner and is still your go-to source for Kosher delights and reports on great Seders and other Jewish celebration meals.

*Chef's Alliance: Don't forget the Chef's Alliance dinner with some of central Indiana's best chefs next Sunday, April 19. including Dave Tallent, Karl Benko, Ryan Nelson, and Regina Mahallick. Alas, I will miss it as I'm out of town, but it's always a fine way to spend a Sunday night. (Maybe, I'll grab a cab from the airport for the afterparty.)

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wouldibuyitagain said...

Thanks for the link. Let us know about some of the food that you have had on your trip.