Friday, April 10, 2009

Indiana Food Blogs: They're sprouting up all over!

January always brings a new crop of food and wine blogs on all sorts of topics. Some have a clear and unique function while others give us an inside glimpse to a family's life -- and eating! I know how hard it is to blog -- and keep blogging. Best intentions and all that, so I usually tend to give new blogs a few weeks, keeping an eye on them before adding them to my list. It's April and a few are still going strong -- all offering some sort of unique view. May you have many happy blog years to come!

City on a Hill: WeLL-pal (and frequent guest on NPR's Fresh Air) music writer Ed Ward recently moved from Berlin (Berlin Bites) to Montpellier in France. Ed's an accomplished cook complete with a full repertoire of San Antonio-style Mexican food. He's currently regaling us with tales about his food adventures in France. Or, as he puts it "Food, Wine, Travel and Unavoidably, the French."

Indy Winter Farmer's Market: They're just going out of season, but I'll bet they'll keep everyone updated over the summer. Add them to your reader to stay up with the latest.

Indiana Wine Blog: Every niche needs a champion, and this blog has become it for Indiana wine. I have a fundamental difference of opinion with the author when it comes to his topic, but he's doing a great job of consolidating news and information about a local industry that needs some image help. It's worth a read -- and should become a forum for some lively debate/discussion.

Would I Buy It Again? Ever walk into a place and say "Who *eats* this stuff?" It's these guys. Reviewing fast food, burgers, pizza, fast casual chains, and the occasional sit-down restaurant, they answer one primary question: Would they buy it again? Unfortunately, the answer is usually "yes". ("It's gross-out fun!" Feed Me/Drink Me.)

Going Green Mama: I've mentioned this handy local blog before and it's a good add to your reader. Along with easy recycling tips, the reality of family and expenses, this blog shares food ideas (yogurt in your crock pot -- who needs a fancy maker?) and updates on the local farmer's market scene.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious description "gross out fun", I always wonder what people think! We review whatever we buy and then put in our mouth. It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. People seem to like the fact that I “reviewed” a Michelin Star restaurant (Cavallo Point) and gave it a “no,” but Taco Bell Nachos we gave a “yes.” Not saying that it is right….

When I think of truly memorable meals though, I think of Gary Danko in SF, Roka Akor & Mary Elaine’s in Scottsdale, Bouchon in Yountville, Le Pigeon in Portland, Mesa Grill in NYC. The list goes on… Sometimes it is more fun to talk about tacos, pizza and burgers though…

Thanks for the link!

Charles said...

Thanks as always for your words and shout outs. Although I have a more positive view of Indiana wines than you, I recognize the deficits the industry has (a few of which you documented on this blog). Moreover, I label the blog as a "frank discussion of Indiana wines" So, pessimists, come forth and debate!

I also eagerly await a future post where you say, "you know, I may be coming around about Indiana wines." That's would almost be as good a quote as "gross out fun!"

Rjs said...

Thank you for the shout-out -- and for some great new local blogs to check out!