Friday, July 31, 2009

Blog Indiana 2009

Hey, kids, BlogIndiana 2009 is quickly approaching August 13-16 on campus at IUPUI.

A few folks have asked why I'm speaking when I clearly haven't been blogging all summer. Well, this blog is nearly 5 years old, and if blog years are like dog years, then I'm an elder -- and you'd let your grandmother speak, wouldn't you? The conference also focuses heavily on social media, something we've been working on quite a bit around here lately. Additionally, there are issues I'll cover that many bloggers might find of interest especially those who have started local review blogs or play in a more national space. Food blogs have come into their own in the past few years and while nationally there have been debates about ethics and codes of conduct, some simpler advice may help some of the new local crop along.

* Review policies and why you need one
* Blogs and main-stream media (an issue especially in the wine-blog world)
* Comments, moderation, managing your community
* Review blog ethics like not accepting free stuff in exchange for reviews (and certainly *not* blackmailing business owners like what recently happened to Crocs-owner George Smith.)

I'll also cover Creative Commons, legal photo usage, and answer all manner of questions (if I can) about practical guidelines for bloggers to protect you, your non-profit or company, and maintain the freedom to create a great blog.

We'll also have room to discuss longer-term blogging issues such as building your brand, bloggers block, finding a voice, thinking about why you're really doing it, and creating room for experimentation.

Conference organizers Noah Coffey and Shawn Plew have a heck of a three-day event planned with special sessions for non-profits, higher education, and a whole day on social media (with a food panel featuring Jeff Lefevere of, Heather Sokol of, Kirsten Eamon-Shine of MiddleWestMeals, Heather Willard of FoodHussy and Feed Me/Drink Me.

Hope to see you there!

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