Wednesday, August 12, 2009

BLINDY Nominee 2009

Hey, kids, I've been prepping for BlogIndiana 2009 which in only its second year has turned into a pretty darn big deal! (Great work, Noah and Shawn!) I present tomorrow and will sit on a panel on Saturday with some pretty darn cool bloggers.

And wow, honor of honors, even with our sparse output this summer, Feed Me/Drink Me was nominated for a BLINDY Award as Best Arts and Entertainment blog. Now, as you know, the full scope of A&E is pretty far outside this blogs purview -- especially compared to Lou Harry's blog at the IBJ. But, as they say, it's an honor just to be nominated. (So, go vote for me, will ya'?) Other nominees include Lou Harry's A&E blog; the fabulous Gabrielle Poshaldo's fashion blog Haute in the Heartland; Nationalities Council, and Saturday Morning Central.

I have no idea how the nomination procedure worked, but will pass it on for the rest of you deserving folks for next year.

Hope to see many of you tomorrow.


Tommy Day said...

Hey thanks for the link, and congrats for the nomination. I have no idea how I got nominated either!


Saturday Morning Central

Hope said...

Thanks for your thought-provoking presentation on reviewing ethics and blogging ettiquette (sp?) at BlogIndiana on Thursday, Renee'! I really appreciated it. I have been transparent from the beginning about the fact that I accept free tickets from theatres, but your talk made me realize that in addition to a comments policy, I really need a distinct review policy, too. Thanks again, and it was fun seeing you in person again, too! If you need more on your plate (hah!) I bet you would make a great food TV host.

Hope Baugh
Indy Theatre Habit