Friday, September 25, 2009

Mobilize for Patachou

Hey, folks, here's something all of us as food lovers should be able to rally behind. Cafe Patachou will be moving shortly from their current location at 49th and Penn to the renovated Hamaker Pharmacy space on the corner -- just a few doors down. Owner Martha Hoover also plans to open Napolese, a pizzeria in the former Landrigan real estate space facing 49th. Apparently some residents in the neighborhood aren't so excited -- specifically about her request for a variance for outside seating. (There is, we've heard, some concern that the build out will be too much like Moe and Johnny's and turn the quiet corner into a beer-drinking Butler student hang out.)

We kind of think an expansion and addition for a decent local restaurant owner is a good thing. (And she's trying to do the right thing, considering, as Hoover notes, that many restaurants don't even bother to get a proper permit for outside seating,) If you support the expansion, too, please visit the Cafe Patchou website where Hoover has explained the situation in a letter to customers, neighbors, and supporters along provided the address, phone number and email of the city planner to contact. Please write or email to voice your support.


Phil Lavoie said...

Thanks for the info.

I, too, have blogged about the scenario:

Let's hope we get to eat our pizza outside!

Kris said...

Really, Meridian-Kessler? Are you really going to compare a gourmet pizzeria to Moe and Johnny's? I think Moe's is an awesome establishment with wonderful food and a fantastic staff, but they are a sports pub ... with a bar.

I hope you get your permits and kick over some garden gnomes when you do :)

braingirl said...

I believe I heard today that Hoover was granted her variance/permits.