Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Alligator, and Elk, and Fish, Oh My!

This week's IBJ is reporting the opening of a high quality, gourmet meat shop in Carmel. Joe's Butcher Shop and Fish Market will offer high quality cuts of prime beef, natural pork, free range chicken, and fresh fish. Opening Jan 9 at 111 W. Main St., owner Joe Lazzara hopes to wholesale to restaurants and personal chefs. He also says he hopes his clientele will grown enough so he can start ordering and stocking organic beef (instead of the less-pricey hormone-fed alternatives.) He plans to carry everything fresh (except some of the fish) and also says he has access to distributors for exotic meats such as alligator and rabbit. (I wasn't aware that rabbit was considered an exotic meat for a butcher that supplies restaurants.)

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