Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Catching Up with ala Mode

L'Explorateur Axes Lunches: Even though their website still touts "Now Serving Lunch," Neal tells me they've pulled the plug on lunches -- this time for real. We all know that many fine dining restaurants run lunches as a break even proposition at best, so, it's really no surprise. However, he's pulled the plug on his weekly Wednesday wine tastings, too. Does this mean trouble is on the horizon? My guess is that with a new baby, an upcoming wedding, and a building business, it falls into the "simplifying life" category. Pop in and ask to see the new Anti-Griddle.

Time for Another Restaurant Week: Sometimes, I wonder if two a year isn't one too many. While I'm all for getting butts in seats at downtown restaurants, it seems like we just finish one when the next one is coming. But get ready for summer Devour Downtown, July 9-22, where a number of downtown establishments will feature prix fixe three-course menus. Check out their website for participating restaurants.

Lousiana Crawfish Boil at Mo's Loading Dock: I received an invite for a pub crawl on Saturday but the stop that caught my eye? Well, lunch, of course, at the venerable Mo's Loading Dock. The feature? For pub crawlers, a good old fashioned crawfish boil with mudbugs flown up from fresh from Louisiana. Sure, sucking heads might not be every girl's idea of a good time, but I'm ready for a little action. Check out indypubcrawl.com for more information. See you at lunch!

Where's our Ritter's? Last week, I trekked to a meeting on the far north side and treated myself to Ritter's frozen custard. Where, o where, is our downtown Ritter's? Anyone have any Bugg's Temple updates?

Adobo Hits Downtown? Cory reports on rumors a poster here noted last week -- that we may be getting an Adobo Mexican Grill downtown just east of Meridian on Washington. Even though I can't stand their food, it would be worth it for their margaritas and excellent guacamole, especially with outside seating.


Jason266 said...

"sucking heads might not be every girl's idea of a good time"

So much to say about that line...

CorrND said...

re: Buggs Temple -- I haven't emailed Amanda in a while but I may drop her a line and see if she has any grand opening info.

Also, I could help but notice the 3pm "Mystery Stop" on the Indy Pub Crawl is just 1 block from the Loading Dock. What else is only 1 block from the Loading Dock but Buggs Temple? Think they're getting a sneak peek?

braingirl said...

Hmmmm. Very good question! If I can't find out, I'll stick around after lunch and report back!

(Mo's is at the Stutz so the only other stop I could think of there would be a "private" tasting somewhere else in the building.)

CorrND said...

Got my response from Amanda (at least some things are quick with Buggs Temple!):

"End of July, beginning of August. Sorry I can't be more specific, we are trying to get there though! I would love to have you! If it is any consolation, I am trying to get my Ritters open, even if that is the first thing to open!

Amanda Cravens
Buggs Temple"

braingirl -- back on April 2nd, you reported Amanda Cravens had said "Owners are looking at a late May or June opening" so I think I'll also file this newest reported opening under "I'll believe it when I see it."

If they're still a month from opening, I doubt the Pub Crawl will be going in there.

Anonymous said...

What don't you like about Adobo's food?

Anonymous said...

shouldn't broad ripple have a restaurant week? i would rather support the regular stops than the downtown spots. doesn't downtown get enough traffic from the peyton manning and tony george conventions??? support local, not low cal...

braingirl said...

Corrnd -- thanks for the info on Bugg's. I'm like you, I'll believe when I see it.

re: Adobe. Just don't like the flavors they use. It's personal taste. Plus, I can't stand the greasy chorizo. I could eat my way out of a vat of that gauc, though, so that makes up for a lot.