Monday, September 01, 2008

It's Going Local Week!

The challenge? Eat something local every day or go to a Farmer's Market or U-Pick. Host a local foods dinner or read a book on better, local eating or slow food. More on Going Local Week and how to get involved at Going Local. Look for promotions and specials at all your favorite local restaurants and markets.


Greg said...

The Goose market folks are going to see a LOT of me this week.

braingirl said...

The Goose has made me spoiled -- and Chris makes providing local meat/food look so easy. I find that I'm actually surprised when other markets -- espeically local ones -- don't make the effort.

I've been huge into peasant cooking this year -- call it Slow Food, charcuterie, or going back to the old ways where time is the most expensive ingredient. Either way, Chris promotes the idea by simply doing it so well. And making it easy for people to learn.